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#001 Crystal Tetrahedron

This is the first of what I expect to be a series of pieces. It is a regular tetrahedron, the fundamental building block of matter. At each of the four tips, an LED light unit shines inward, through a quartz crystal, toward the focal point of the structure. The crystals have been charged with the intention of Love, Gratitude, and Global Awakening.

The water work of Masaru Emoto has shown that Love and Gratitude are two of the most potent intentions for healing and transformation. The intention of Global Awakening arises from the understanding that until humanity awakens to the fundamental fact that we are all interconnected at the deepest level, we will continue to threaten the survival of ourselves and all other life forms.

A platform supports an object at the focal point of the tetrahedron. The Flower Of Life graphic of multiple images of Gratitude, Love and Awakening, is sandwiched between a mirror and a piece of glass, further enhancing the overall intention of the piece. The wire windings carry direct current to the LED's in the tips, and create a magnetic field along the 6 struts of the tetrahedron, thus forming the fundamental shape electro-magnetically, as well as physically.

The materials are: Quartz, Cocobolo, Madrone, Ebony, Glass, and Copper. The dimensions are 16" from tip to tip, and 16" tall.


These are several views of the overall piece.

Here are views of the tip details.

These show the coil windings and the base detail.


This shows the table graphic.