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#002 Star Tetrahedron

This is the second of this series of Intentional Technology. A Star Tetrahedron is two nested tetrahedrons sharing the same focal point, with one pointed up and the other pointing down. The strut coils of one tetrahedron are red and the others are blue, representing the balance of masculine and feminine energy. LED lights shine through the eight Quartz crystals, focused on the interior Rose Quartz ball. The current for the lights flows in the coils recreating the basic geometry in an electromagnetic field. The crystals have been charged with the intention of Gratitude, Love, and Awakening. The central ball spherically radiates this energy into the room. The Flower Of Life graphic in the mirrored base, reflects the energy up into the room.

The materials are: Quartz, Rose Quartz, Bubinga, Ebony, Maple, Madrone, Glass and Copper.

The overall piece is 17" tall.


Here are several views of the total piece:


This shows the two tetrahedrons, red and blue, most clearly:


Here are a couple of different orientation perspectives:


Here are detail closeups:


This is the Flower Of Life Graphic in the base.