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#003 Basic Tetrahedron

This is the third in the series of Intentional Technology Experiments. I made a set of six units, including refinements from what I learned in the first two. The tetraherdal magnetic field is more carefully balanced, with equal current running in each coil, and the magnetic orientations coordinated. The LED lights shine through a Flower of Light graphic into each crystal, and a Flower of Life medallion on the cap back stops the energy of each node. The crystals have been charged with the intention of Gratitude, Love, and Awakening. A Flower Of Life graphic in the mirrored table reflects the energy up into anything placed on the platform.

The crystals are Brazillian Lemurian.

The rest of the materials are Rock Maple, Madrone, Glass, Brass, and Copper.

The power, about 2.5 watts, is provided from a wall transformer.

The overall piece is 11"" tall.


Here are several pictures of the over all piece:

(click on the picture for enlargement)


Here are detail closeups:


This is the Flower of Life graphic in the table: