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#004 Regular Octahedron

This is a regular Octahedron (8 sides), a new geometry for me. All the previous pieces have be tetrahedrons (4 sides). I returned to using steam bent struts. In addition, each of the nodes has dual crystals, one pointing in, and one pointing out. This geometry has nodes in direct opposition to each other, so light from one node shines directly into the opposite node. The interior of each node is lit with five LED's in a ring, with an open space in the middle, so light can shine through the entire node. Each crystal has a Flower of Life graphic on it's base. The current for the nodes flows through the coils on each strut, creating an Octahedral magnetic field around the center. The magnetic fields are balanced and carefully oriented. The platform in the focal point contains the Flower of Life graphic.

The inner crystals are Brazilian, and the outer ones are from Arkansas.

The materials are Rock Maple, Madrone, Glass, Brass, and Copper.

The power is about 2.5 watts from a wall transformer.

The dimensions are 13" tall, by 12" by 12".


Here are several pictures of the overall piece:

(click on the picture for enlargement)



Here are some detail pictures.



These show the piece in a bookcase.