Flower Of Life


The Flower of Life graphic is 19 identical circles, surrounded by two larger circles. This graphic has been found all over the world, some dating back thousands of years. While there are many different interpretations of it's meaning, the one that I focus on is that this two dimensional structure has within it all five of the Platonic solids, which totally describe the physical plane. These shapes are the Tetrahedron (4 sides), the Cube (6 sides), the Octahedron (8 sides), the Dodecahedron (12 sides), and the Icosahedron (20 sides). These are the only regular solids with equal faces, equal edge lengths, and equal angles between faces.
The fact that the Flower of Life is a two dimensional expression of the totality of three dimension solids appeals to me as an express of dimensional expansion, three implied in two. I am of the opinion that the nature of the Awakening that is occurring with the evolution of consciousness now unfolding on the planet is a shift in dimensional experience. Our dysfunction is the belief in absolute separation of all the that we see, including ourselves, yet the evidence is overwhelming that reality is a unity. Like going up in the air to see that all the fenced back yards are really connected, a dimensional expansion of perspective will allow us to experience the unity in our waking activities, evolving our society and economy.
So the Flower of Life is a metaphor for that dimensional shift of perspective. By including it throughout these pieces, I am including that intention as to the nature of the Awakening.