Static Lumbar 2


As with Static Lumbar 1, the compression elements in this piece are ten tetrahedrons, but each one is a different shape. In a regular tetrahedron the interior angles of all 6 slats is 110°. In Static Lumber 2, the interior angle of the top and bottom slats is different from the other 4, and range from 140° at the flattened bottom element, to 50° at the elongated top element. The wood in this piece is Madrone, which is a harder wood than the Red Cedar in Static Lumbar 1, and holds a fine edge better. The wood is all hand planed, and the crisp edge details help creat the flavor of the piece. The clamps at teh tips are cast Pewter, secured with Brass 2-56 screws and nuts. The cords are Nylon seine cord. The base is black Granite.


Here are four views of the overall piece.

These views show the base.

These views show the top.


Here is a detail of the tip.