The story of humanity is
the story of God manifesting on Earth.
The Earth and all of the space and time
of matter is a part of God,
but a dense and un-conscious part.
The evolution of consciousness
within matter
is the evolution of life.

Liturgy of Affirmation

There is no god but God.
La Illaha Illa 'lla' Hu

God is the natural state of consciousness.

The natural state of consciousness transcends the limits of space and time. The natural state of matter is limited by space and time.
So Mote It Be

Within time, life evolves toward the fuller manifestation of consciousness within matter.
La Illaha Illa 'lla' Hu

Each living individual consists of a physical organism, which is part of the Earth and bound by the limits of space and time, and a spiritual consciousness, which is a unique part of the greater consciousness of God.

Our material organisms contain the genetic history of organic life. Our spiritual consciousness contains the history of our spiritual life. Individual consciousness may manifest many times within the physical domain.
So Mote It Be

Self-consciousness is the uniqueness of humanity, and the source of our dilemma, for it demands a conscious harmony between the finite self and the infinite consciousness of God. The first self-conscious individual was terrified by the contrast, fearing the loss of self within the infinite. The reaction was a rejection of the awareness of our continuous connection with God. This rejection was immediately suppressed out of guilt or shame, for it denied the meaning of life. The resulting void was filled with rules and forms drawn from the limited reality of the physical world, where things appear separate. These three aspects, the suppressed awareness, the attendant guilt, and the limited world view, have been passed down through the generations under the heading of civilization and culture.
Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy

Evil is based on the denial of the divinity of some part of God. The cultural perception of separation allows one group to deny their divine connection with another, thus opening the way for exploitation. Evil can only exist in an environment of separation. When all parts are aware of their unity within God, the inclination to do evil disappears.
La Illaha Illa 'lla' Hu

The power of magic is the consciousness of the nature of matter within the greater reality. All possibilities of matter exist within the consciousness of God, as 4-dimensional sets within n-dimensions, but only some manifest into the probability of our physical world. The other forms lack sufficient probability. Consciousness can change these probabilities. This is clear on the mundane level. For example, while water probably runs down hill, the consciousness of humanity makes it probable that water runs uphill when it is pumped. Again, in nature it is probable that a dead tree will decay into soil, yet the consciousness of the woodworker makes it probable that the tree will be transformed into a chair. All probabilities exist within consciousness. Manifestation is affected by directed consciousness. You reap what you sow. This is true at all levels of manifestation.
So Mote It Be

Each individual has the free will potential of manifesting the consciousness of God, yet most do not, for they are burdened with the cultural beliefs of limitation and separation. The few exceptions shine throughout history as teachers and magicians. These are the avatars, fully conscious of their true nature, and the true nature of the physical world. This awareness gives them their power.

All things are within God. All thoughts are within God. All consciousness is within God.
La Illaha Illa 'lla' Hu

December 1981
Crispin B. Hollinshead

This was a project for a class in comparative religions at the Mendocino Alternative School