Image Of An Individual In the Ocean of Interconnection


One of the big questions I have been thinking about for many years now is: "if everything is interconnected, what is an individual?"

I seem to be. That is a known starting point in understanding the world. I have a "point of view", which seems to be associated with this particular physiology. Power seems to manifest through the individual consciousness. The essence of human rights is the inherent validity of each individual. But how can I imagine the individual in light of the other overwhelming truth that everything is seamlessly interconnected.

I have found an image which helps. It is the image of waves on the surface of the ocean. If I picture the ocean frozen in time, I can talk about definite individual peaks or waves tops. This wave here is different and distinguishable from that wave over there, and so on. Yet when I try to determine the limit of any given individual wave I find that they all smoothly join together into one surface. Any definition of a limit is purely arbitrary and relative.

If I now unfreeze time and watch the dynamic motion of the waves, I see that the forms of the individuals are transitory. Furthermore, at any given moment, the expression of each individual is an consequence of the interaction of many interfering wave patterns. These patterns are the result of all the winds blowing on the surface of the Earth, as well as the reflections from all of the edges of the ocean basins on the Earth. So the expression of the individual wave is an element in the larger holographic interference pattern of the entire ocean.

This is an image that I ponder as I try to see my part in the larger pattern of what we call reality