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Local 2020


Since moving to Port Townsend in Oct, 2006, I have been involved with a social action group called Local 2020, working toward local sustainability by the year 2020. There is a re-localization movement emerging all over the world, in response to the challenges of corporate globalization, peak oil, climate change, and economic upheaval.
The way we live on the Earth is directed by the stories we internalize. If we are to change how we live, we must change the stories. In Dec, 2008, I decided to investigate video production as way present stories, and work to change them. In the summer of 2009, I interviewed 14 people who make up the steering committee of Local 2020, with the goal of presenting who we are, what we are trying to do, and why.

The output of this effort is presented here. Here is a YouTube teaser to get you interested.




I also broke the interview into 6 parts, hosted on YouTube.

The parts are presented here.


What is Local 2020?

  PART 2

Action Group Projects


More Action Group Projects

  PART 4

Stories That Inspire

  PART 5

What's Next?

  PART 6

More What's Next?