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3" scale Jacobean Chest


This little chest is one of three. It is a quarter scale model of a Jacobean chest of drawers, to be used as a jewelry box. The Jacobean style of woodworking used moldings as decorative details applied to the surface of a simply joined piece. The heavy ball feet are another aspect of this style.

The chest frame and back is made from Madrone. The end panels are made from Honduras Rosewood, while the top and molding trim is made from Nicaraguan Rosewood. The drawer parts, other than the fronts, are Douglas Fir. The fronts are quilted Broad Leaf Maple. The drawer pulls are lost wax cast brass, and the plates are stamped brass. The drawers are dovetail construction. The ends are frame and panel. The top drawers are half width, while the other three are full width. The inside bottoms of the drawers are felt lined.

I love the vibrant color mix in this piece, and feel it is one of the better pieces I have made. Unfortunately, they were a commercial failure. The jewelry stores that cater to the kind of client which could afford such a piece, recommend that their customers not use such a chest, but rather keep they piece in a bank safe deposit box, for security reasons. I gave all three of these pieces to each of my three step daughters, as they were married.

Complete chest.

Detail of one end.

Corner and drawer construction.

Drawer front detail.