Blessing The Rain

For a thousand years the Catholic Church held absolute control over intellectual thought in Europe. This included killing those who disagreed, despite Old Testament commandments, and Christ's New Testament mandate to love your neighbor. But the Pope was God's agent on Earth, so there was no dispute.
From 1347 to 1400, waves of the Black Plague swept through Europe, killing sinners and faithful equally, which challenged the divine connection. Martin Luther's 1524 Protestant revolt against corrupt Church leadership further weakened this control. By 1615, when Galileo stated that the Earth orbited the sun, the Inquisition did not burn him at the stake, but kept him under house arrest for the last 27 years of his life.

Galileo's assertion that the Earth moved was the beginning of the western scientific revolution. Since the Church was still powerful, scientific investigation focused exclusively on physical reality, evolving the philosophy of rational materialism. Today we live within the bounty of this scientific advancement, but exclusive focus on the material has meant that science had little to say about consciousness. Rational materialism claims that consciousness is simply biochemical activity in the brain.

A century ago, the twin revolution of psychology and quantum physics disrupted that limited view. Psychology showed that our experience of the world is affected by hidden patterns in the personal subconscious, the collective unconscious, and the supraconscious. Quantum physics showed that the act of observing shifted the material world. In the last fifty years, we have learned that the thoughts we hold affect our health and moods. Recent experiments have shown that consciousness is non-local, not limited by space or time. Consciousness is a causative force, shaping the material world.

Spiritual people have always known about the power of prayer, and now science is catching up. Numerous studies show the benefit of positive intentions with regard to general health, and healing after surgery, even if the patient is unaware of the prayers.

In 1994 Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto started photographing frozen water crystals as a quantitative way of observing the power of intentions. He would create snowflakes with water that had been polluted or subjected to negative intentions, and the resulting crystals were simple, asymmetrical, and esthetically ugly. Subjecting the same water to prayers with positive intentions generated complex, symmetrical, beautiful shapes. Simply attaching a label to the water container, printed with the intention, had effect. He found that the two most powerful positive intentions were gratitude and love.

It's not surprising that water should be a vehicle for these objective results. The forces involved are subtle, but the nature of water is also subtle. A water molecule is slightly polarized by the shape of the electrostatic charges of the three atoms involved. This polarization is important to how water works in the world. As water freezes, the polarization creates the hexagonal structure and detailed branching of the resulting snowflake.

As the Standing Rock people reminded us, water is life. Without it we are toast. Planets located around a sun at a distance where liquid water can exist are rare. Over 60% of the human body is water; the brain, heart and lungs contain even higher percentages. The quality of the water we ingest affects us.

Which brings me to the phenomenon of rain. After growing up in San Diego, I love rainfall. Each time it rains, I feel deep gratitude for the return of water, and have made it a practice to honor the rain. We have a covered deck, and I sit outside, giving thanks (gratitude) to the rain on each in breath, and blessing it (love) on each out breath. These powerful intentions charge the water, and energize it as it nourishes life wherever it flows.

In these days where the problems of the world are everywhere we look, I search for ways that I can be effective in creating the world I want rather than fighting against issues I oppose. Bringing gratitude and love into my awareness on a breath by breath basis feels powerful and relevant. The practice of charging the rainwater amplifies that energy and extends it into the world. I invite you to add your blessing to the rain, expanding gratitude and love throughout our reality.