The Corporate Zombie Apocalypse

"We are here to awaken from the illusion of separation" Thich Nhat Hanh.

A corporation is a legal structure to concentrate capital and protect irresponsible business practices by limiting liability, creating externalized costs. These are expenses that someone else is expected to pay, such as a mining company that leaves huge piles of toxic waste, and then moves on to a new area. The nuclear industry is another lasting example, creating toxic waste that will last for over 100,000 years in order to boil water for 40 years. The illusion that costs not accounted don't really matter, allows massive fiscal profits, while degrading the value of nature, the infrastructure, and society.

When the United States was founded, English corporations were part of why we revolted. The Boston Tea Party destroyed tea from the East India Company, a corporation owned by the king of England. Americans understood the risk of corporates, limiting them to specific projects for the public good, requiring legislative approval, with steep fees and clear term limits.

However, corporate money making potential eroded these early precautions, and states were allowed to define corporate requirements. By 1886, through a legal trick, the first notion of corporate personhood was introduced, and the 14th amendment, which was supposed to protect the rights of slaves, was used to expand corporate rights. In 2010, the Citizen's United decision defined the corporate right to free speech as unlimited financial political expenditure. Corporations now have no limit on their actions, and can be created online for a fee of only $47.

Republicans claim to be Constitutional purists, yet champion the civil rights of corporate personhood, not mentioned in the Constitution, while denying equal rights to actual people like women and minorities.

Real people have need for such social values as clean air, food, and water, safe housing, and adequate education and health care. The corporate "person" requires none of these, so destruction of real social values has no effect on them. Corporations are not really "living", but destroy real living people, just like zombies. Other characteristics of zombies are remarkably similar to corporations. It is no coincidence that there is an increase in zombie awareness these days.

We are living in a corporate zombie apocalypse since a few of these zombies control every aspect of civilization, degrading the real values of society while creating increasing wealth disparity between them and actual people. Corporations were once national entities, with modest commitment to our nation, but are now international in scope, with no allegiance to any country, so there is no place on the planet that is not fair game to be despoiled. They act like a parasitic life form, hostile to the host.

To kill a zombie you destroy the brain. For corporate zombies, arresting and incarcerating the corporate board and chief officers might be sufficient. Another approach would be to revoke the original charter, destroying the legal foundation of corporate zombie existence. But the "life" blood of a corporate zombie is cash flow, so seizing assets might be required. The proceeds could be used for victim restitution.

If we don't act soon, the survival of our civilization is at risk.