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#006 Bent Octahedron

This piece is one of three, the sixth of a series of Intentional Technology Experiments.

The basic shape is an octahedron, one of the five Platonic Solids, with steam bent convex struts. The octahedron is oriented with each of the nodes pointing in one of the six directions of the Native American metaphysics. The six colors reflect that tradition. Red is the color of the north, and the piece should be oriented with the red node to the north.

Each pair of crystals at the six nodes has been charged with the intention of Gratitude, Love, and Awakening. Five LEDs in each node shine through a graphic of the Flower of Life into each crystal, transferring the intention to the focal point of the structure. Gels at the base of each crystal set the color.

The current for the LEDs runs through the coils on each node, creating an octahedron of electromagnetic energy. The current in each coil is balanced, and the magnetic fields all flow toward the center of the piece, creating an electromagnetic enhancement of the crystal intentions. The platform in the middle allows an object to be held at the focal point of the structure. The graphic on the platform is the Flower Of Life.

The crystals are Brazilian Quartz. The wood is Madrone. The coils are enamel coated copper wire. The LEDs run on 5 volts DC from a wall transformer, and the piece consumes about 3 watts of power. The dimensions are 17" across the nodes, by 19" tall.

I offer this piece in response to my yearning to help amplify Gratitude, Love, and Awakening in all beings. My goal is to create an esthetically intriguing artifact.
Here are some pictures of the overall piece:
(click on the picture for enlargement)
Here are detail pictures: