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1" scale

Miniature furniture


 From 1979 through 1984, I produced a series of 1" scale furniture pieces for the high end of the doll house market. I focused on reproductions of the William and Mary style of early American furniture from the 1600-1700's . This style is typified by the use of turning for embellishment. Gate legged tables are common in this period.

All these pieces are constructed like the originals, with mortised, rabbeted, or dovetailed joints, as needed. All the surfaces are hand planed, which leaves a distinctive surface finish. Each piece was produced in a small limited run, signed and numbered.

At the peak, I was selling pieces in six different metropolitan areas. The recession of the early 80's hit this luxury market hard, and put an end to this line of work for me.


First House

Oak School Desk

Madrone Spinning Wheel

Ebony Rocking Chair

Cedar Six Board Chest

Tract House

Rosewood Folding Screen

Maple Swedish Spinning Wheel

Maple Gate Legged Table

Maple Sideboard

Maple Side Chair

Maple Gaming Table

Low Post Bed

Pine Desk

Madrone Trestle Footed Gate Leg Table

Maple Tavern Table

Pine Work Table

Pine Chest

Appalacian Farm Wagon