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#009 Bent Tretrahedron 3

This piece is one of a set of eight, the ninth, and last, of a series of Intentional Technology Experiments guided by sacred geometry tradition, exploring the power of intention, and inspired by Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals. The intentions we hold shape the world we experience. The intentions within this piece are Gratitude, Love, and Global Awakening. Emoto's work has shown that Gratitude and Love are powerful transformative intentions. Awakening to our inherent interconnection is essential to the survival of our species.

The basic shape is a tetrahedron. The base and the struts connecting the nodes are steam bent. Each pair of crystals at the four nodes has been charged with the intention of Gratitude, Love, and Awakening. Five LEDs in each node shine through a graphic of the Flower of Life at the base of each crystal, transferring the intention to the focal point of the structure. The outer crystal are colored purple by theatrical gels.

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol, found in cultures all over the world. Among other meanings, it has within the pattern a two dimensional image of all five of the three dimensional Platonic Solids of matter, thus representing the dimensional shift in perspective that is the core of the spiritual Awakening now in process within humanity.

The current for the LEDs runs through the coils on the nodes. The current orientation, and the direction of the windings in each node, creates a magnetic field oriented along the axis of the crystals, pointing toward the center of the structure. The platform allows an object to be held at the focal point of the structure. The other panels further focus the energy into the center of the piece. The graphic on the panels is the Flower Of Life, over a copper foil reflector.

The outer crystals are Brazilian Quartz, and inner crystals are Columbia Quartz. The wood is Madrone and Birds Eye maple veneer. The coils are enamel coated copper wire. The LEDs run on 5 volts DC from a wall transformer, and consume about 4 watts of power.

I offer this piece as an experiment, in response to my yearning to help amplify Gratitude, Love, and Awakening in all beings. At the least, my goal is to create an esthetically interesting artifact.


Pictures of the overall piece.


Details of the nodes.


Details of panels.


Other details: