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Intentional Technology

Four hundred years ago, Galileo began promoting the idea that the Earth moved around the Sun, which was treated as a major heresy of the time. Science eventually showed that this was not heresy, but a more accurate understanding of physical reality.

Today we are confronting another great heresy,

Consciousness Is A Causative Force.

The science of quantum mechanics shows that the act of observing changes what we observe. How we observe affects what we see. What we think affects how we view the physical world. Individual intention is a powerful aspect of consciousness. The intentions we hold as we create are infused in the material artifact, and continue to radiate into the material world. From whatever level the intention arises, our world is shifted.

The work of Masaru Emoto with water has shown that intention produces measurable results, even several steps removed. The act of typing on a keyboard, then printing out a label, when applied to a vessel of water, has effect, both good or ill. He found that Love and Gratitude are two of the most potent intentions for healing and transformation.

The intention of Global Awakening arises from the understanding that until humanity awakens to the fundamental fact that we are all interconnected at the deepest level, we will continue to threaten the survival of ourselves and all other life forms. The Flower Of Life is an ancient symbol, found in cultures all over the world. Among other meanings, it has within the pattern a two dimensional image of all five of the three dimensional Platonic Solids of matter, thus representing the dimensional shift that is the core of the spiritual Awakening now in process within humanity. This graphic is included at several levels in each piece as a representation of this ongoing evolution.


Therefore, these structures have been constructed as experiments with intention toward the specific goals of

Gratitude, Love, and Global Awakening.

#009 Bent Tetrahedron 3

set of 8

August, 2016

#008 Bent Star Tetrahedron

set of 3

November, 2015

#007 Bent Tetrahedron 2

set of 6

April, 2015

#006 Bent Octahedron

set of 3

November, 2014

#005 Bent Tetrahedron

set of 5

June, 2014

 #004 Octahedron

set of 1

October, 2013

#003 Basic Tetrahedron

set of 6

April, 2013

#002 Star Tetrahedron

set of 1

November, 2011

#001 Crystal Tetrahedron

set of 1

June, 2011