Tensegrity Art


Buckminster Fuller is credited with popularizing the concept of Tensegrity Structures. These are systems where the forces are resolved into pure compression elements (sticks) and pure tension elements (strings). The sticks don't touch each other, but are supported by the tension members. The human body is a tensegrity structure, with the bones being supported by connecting ligaments and muscles. The combination of the engineering concept, images of solid geometry, and the human element has been an inspiration for me.


My first adventure into this concept was a basic tetrahedron, built in 2001 for the 20th anniversary show at the College Of The Redwoods Fine Woodworking School, in Fort Bragg, California.

This is called "First Tetrahdron".


In 2010 I created the first in a new series of Tensegrity Art, which I call the Lumbar Series.

This is "Static Lumbar 1".


In the Spring of 2011, I finished the second of the Lumbar Seiries, "Static Lumbar 2".